Saturday, January 30, 2010

Home is where the Heart is

She says she’s excited to be coming home. In just a few days she’ll be here. We’re so glad she’s coming. It’s been month since we had our last family time altogether at Christmas. Dominic was around and Amanda had flown back to Lawrence from Chicago. This time she’s taking a bus.

She says she’s excited to be coming home. I’m so happy she said it that way. I doubt she was conscious of her words or that they had been carefully chosen. The way it rushed from her mouth made it such a natural statement. Thank God. Oh yes, I do. I thank God.

She says she’s excited to be coming home. Home to see us. Home to see her brother. Home to see her grandparents. She’s coming home.

Right before Christmas my husband David and I downsized, making a local move to a new house. As David has been a homebuilder in Lawrence since our marriage 28 years ago we had a history of frequent moves, but this was different. The other moves had been so much easier. We moved from new house to new house, not out of our family home where we had watched our kids grow up the last ten and a half years. 

It was a long and arduous process. Sorting, saving, donating and packing our stuff for the move. I reminded myself again and again that it was just stuff. Not what was really important,  just stuff. Some stuff was precious. Some stuff was useful. Some stuff had to go. Ends up what was the most precious were the photos and handmade gifts through given and received through the years. Memories of memories. Memories of the heart and home.

You know they say “Home is where the Heart is”. I do believe it’s so. She says she’s excited to be coming home.

She’s coming home to our hearts. Amen.