Sunday, July 31, 2011

see by faith

"The way to see by faith is to shut the eye of reason."
Benjamin Franklin- in Poor Richard's Almanac


Monday, July 25, 2011

Channels Through Which the FatherCan Pour His Boundless Love

Channels Through Which the FatherCan Pour His Boundless Love
from the writings of Ellen G. White by Frank Klin

God desires His people to show by their lives the advantage of Christianity overworldliness, to show that they are working on a high, holy plane. He longs to seethem showing that the truth they have received has made them children of the heavenly King. He longs to make them channels through which He can pour His boundless love and mercy.[1] Daily beset by temptation, constantly opposed by the leaders of the people, Christ knew that He must strengthen His humanity by prayer. In order to be ablessing to men, He must commune with God, pleading for energy, perseverance, and steadfastness. Thus He showed His disciples where His strength lay. Without this daily communion with God, no human being can gainpower for service. Christ alone can direct the thoughts aright. He alone can givenoble aspirations and fashion the character after the divine similitude. If we drawnear to Him in earnest prayer, He will fill our hearts with high and holy purposes,and with deep longings for purity and righteousness. The dangers thickening  around us demand from those who have an experience in the things of God, awatchful supervision. Those who walk humbly before God, distrustful of their own wisdom, will realize their danger and will know God's keeping care.[2] We have only one channel of approach to God. Our prayers can come to  one name only,--that of the Lord Jesus our advocate. His Spirit must inspire our petitions. No strange fire was to be used in the censers that werewaved before God in the sanctuary. So the Lord himself must kindle in our heart sthe burning desire, if our prayers are acceptable to him. The Holy Spirit must make intercessions for us, with groanings that cannot be uttered.[3] Is the kingdom of God enthroned in your heart by Christ's presence abidingthere? or is self still a controlling power within? Whose subjects are you? If aselfish spirit continues to keep you out of Christ's service, pray, "Thy kingdomcome. They will be done in earth as it is in heaven." Pray, oh, pray mostearnestly, "Put Thy Spirit, Lord, Thy Holy Spirit, within my heart, that I may besincere in keeping my baptismal vow." Pray that the intercession of Christ in yourbehalf shall not be in vain. Pray that unbelief shall no longer lead you to claim tobe in God's service, while in the life-practice, because of a perverted will, youreveal that you are not bearing the fruit of the Spirit. Pray for the power to demonstrate to the world that you are dead to sin, and that your life is indeed hidwith Christ in God. . . .[4] When we see ourselves weak, ignorant, and helpless, as we really are, we shallcome before God as humble suppliants. It is ignorance of God and of Christ that makes any soul proud and self-righteous. The infallible indication that a manknows not God, is found in the fact that he feels that in himself he is great or

2good. Pride of heart is always associated with ignorance of God. It is the  God that discovers our darkness and destitution. When the divine glory  to Daniel, he exclaimed, "My comeliness was turned in me intocorruption, and I retained no strength." The moment the humble seeker sees Godas he is, that moment he will have the same view of himself that Daniel had.There will be no lifting up of the soul unto vanity, but a deep sense of theholiness of God and of the justice of his requirements. The fruit of such anexperience will be manifested in a life of self-denial and self-sacrifice.[5] When the prayer is sincerely offered, "Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me," the voice of the Lord answers, "A new heart alsowill I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you: and I will take away the stonyheart out of your flesh, and I will give you an heart of flesh. And I will put my  you, and cause you to walk in my statutes, and ye shall keep my judgments and do them." The renewed heart will have no plants of selfishness tocultivate. Pride will be seen in its sinfulness, and will be expelled. It is not for thehuman clay to find fault with the molding process of the potter, but to submit to be molded in any way. Every soul must submit to the Lord before he can be made avessel unto honor, to be filled with the renewing, sanctifying grace of Christ.[6] When man is created anew in Christ Jesus, he becomes a partaker of the divine nature. God has, through His own power, united in man the human and the divine. He clothes humanity with the robe of Christ's righteousness. Man isenabled to discern the Saviour, and by beholding he is changed into the likenessof His character. He recognizes the words of Christ, "All power is given unto Mein heaven and in earth." He who discerns Christ is a partaker of His Spirit and Hisrighteousness. He has the inward assurance that Christ is abiding in the soul-temple.[7] Receiving the Spirit of Christ, every one of His followers will fulfill a divinely appointed mission not merely to be an influence among influences, but to be aspecial influence for God in every sense of the term.[8]  
1. 1913, Councils to Parents, Teachers and Students, page 324 par. 22. Ibid, page 323, par. 23. Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, February 9, 1897 par. 104. 1902, Manuscript Releases Vol. 2, page 33 par. 15. Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, February

Holy Spirit, Light Divine - A Hymn


Holy Spirit, light divine,

Shine upon this heart of mine,

Chase the shades of night away,

Turn my darkness into day.


Holy Spirit, power divine,

Cleanse this guilty heart of mine;

Long has sin, without control,

Held dominion o'er my soul.


Holy Ghost, with joy divine,

Cheer this saddened heart of mine,

Bid my many woes depart,

Heal my wounded, bleeding heart.


Holy Spirit, all divine,

Dwell within this heart of mine,

Cast down every idol throne,

Reign supreme, and reign alone.

COMPOSER Louis M. Gottschalk, 1854

AUTHOR Andrew Reed, 1817

The inside light

The inside lightHuman. Special creature, top of Darwin’s evolution, the dominant being on this blue ball of water. Result of God’s goodwill or of some monkey’s wish for greatness, human has constantly claimed his world.

But what is it so marvelous about us? In fact we breathe the same air, we exist under the same endless sky, we are delighted by the same sun, we bathe in the same waters, we keep our feet on the ground by the same rules of gravity.

Everything we have ever imagined, created or built was born as a result of an unique inner impulse, our shiny restless star: the inside light. It is the engine of our own being, the supreme painter of our dreams, visions, world. It’s our spirit that guides, caress and keeps us alive. And we live different, from other reasons. We are born to wonder, to search, to find answers, solutions and God. We breathe to believe, to treasure, to develop. We live to promise a better life, to love and despair, to sing and turn speechless. We walk to print our footstep in the sand. We stare just to bow in front of splendour. And splendour is both in and outside.

We are to let the light shine.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Love is the First Principle of Life

"Once the student becomes really aware that "God is Love" and Love's True Activity comes through the heart, he will understand that to focus his attention on the desire to project Love forth, for any given purpose, is the supreme privilege of the outer activity of the consciousness, which can generate Love to a boundless degree. Mankind has not previously understood that Divine Love is a Power, a Presence, an Intelligence, a Light that can be fanned into a Boundless Flame or Fire; and it is within the consciousness intelligence of every individual, especially students of the Light, to so create and generate this "Presence of Love," that It becomes an Invincible, Exhaustless, Peace-commanding "Presence" wherever the conscious individual desires to direct It.

Somewhere it has been said, that Love may not be commanded. I say to you: "Love is the First Principle of Life and may be generated to any degree or without any limit whatsoever for Infinite use. Such is the majestic privilege of the conscious use and direction of Love.

When I say "generate," I mean the opening of the door through conscious devotion to the outpouring of the exhaustless Fountain of Love, which is the Heart of your Being -- the Heart of the Universe.

Students, by contemplating this Infinite Power of Love, become such a fountain of Its outpouring, that Its conscious direction may be Infinite in the student's use."

(The "I AM" Discourses, Volume III, Saint Germain, Saint Germain Press, Inc., pages 115, 116)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Focus on God’s Love

Surely it is the arrogance of ignorance to even attempt to judge06/26/2011 by John Smallman

The sky is brightening as dawn approaches, heralding the new age for humanity which was planned many eons ago. It will be an era of peace and harmony, the likes of which has never before been seen on Earth. Prophets have foretold it, angelic choirs have sung of it, and finally the time for it to be ushered in is very close. Many of you are holding the light, the intent, the resolve, and the love to bring it into being, and yet, at times it has seemed almost hopeless to believe that it is coming, as you observe the wars, the hatred, the frustrations, and the distrust that continue to manifest in many places around the world. But truly, an enormously powerful wave of divine Love is enveloping the planet, causing attitudes to change and long-nurtured grudges to be released.

Focus on God’s Love enveloping you all always, and intend to open your hearts to receive It and allow It to flow through you to all of humanity in a wave of joyful awakening, because it truly is God’s Will and yours that you do this. You are all eternally one in the Father, and to judge and blame each other, and yourselves, for the suffering in the world is utterly inappropriate. How can you judge when your Father, Who is infinitely wise and loving, does not? Surely it is the arrogance of ignorance to even attempt to judge?

Remember that those who appear to cause the most suffering are the ones whose suffering is most intense, and that they are projecting that suffering outwards because it is so unbearable within them. When you relax, meditate, or withdraw into silent prayer, intend to be clear and unobstructed channels through which God’s Love can flow constantly, swiftly, and abundantly to where it is needed, and He will honor you by availing of your offer.

If you wish to direct that Love to someone you love or see as being in need, that is fine, but do not attempt to limit It to the needs that you can identify because that just obstructs the channel that you are, thereby diverting the flow around you, and the abundance offered to you mostly bypasses you. The most effective and loving intent that you can offer to your Father is the freedom to channel His Love through you to wherever He sees that It is needed, constantly. Doing this is the most powerful way in which you can be a part of the awakening process.

Many are still locked in judgment, blame, and condemnation, as though paralyzed by those attitudes, and the abundant flow of God’s Love through all available channels is the essential remedy to that painful and inflexible state. It flows as soothing balm, gently easing the pain and tension, and restoring movement and flexibility to what had become locked in resentment. You can see the evidence of this easing of attitudes all over the world, and as increasing numbers of you open yourselves up as divine channels, the speed of easing will accelerate phenomenally, as it is God’s Will.

The intent to be an unobstructed, divine channel is an aspect of the inextinguishable divine Flame within each one of you. It has always been a part of you, and you are now becoming increasingly aware of it, as you allow your own unloving attitudes to dissolve. The more you allow them to dissolve – by embracing love and forgiveness – the clearer it becomes that this is God’s Will for you, and also your own. It is an uplifting and inspiring sensation which will continue to strengthen as those unloving and judgmental attitudes fall away. Delight in the knowledge that you are doing God’s Will, and leading each other Home.

With so very much love, Saul.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Worry Worry Worry

Worry is the power of creation turned against your own best interests. The same engine that runs your car in reverse will move it forward if you but reposition the gearshift. To shift from reverse to drive, reframe your experiences to find the blessing rather than the problem. Then you will become the master of your universe, rather than its victim.