Saturday, February 5, 2011

Beauty in the World

Heavenletter #3725 Published on: February 5, 2011

God said:

There is so much glory in the extant world. Music, art, nature, sunlight, stars. Keep your eyes and ears on the beauty of the world. There is enough of it. There is enough to last you a lifetime or more.

For what is the privilege of seeing even one night of stars worth? One dawn, one setting sun. The sun on a lake. Stars on a lake. Love in eyes.

You are so surrounded in beauty that you may be spoiled.

One blade of grass. One tree. One hill, one dale.

Keep your pulse on the beauty of the Universe.

I created beauty. And, you, human beings, have continued to create it right along with Me. Why would you create anything else?

Why would you deplore anything when there is such radiance in the world to be in awe of?

How important are inconveniences when there is sky above and ground below?

Perhaps your attention has been caught on dust in the house and news on television. Go outside then. Fortunate is a person who lives outside where there is more to see, and vision is greater. Outside, you can even spend a day twirling and looking at a dandelion. When there is such a hardy thing as a dandelion, all must be right with the world.

Consider that the world is a feast spread out before you. You can take anything you want. Everyone can even take the same thing. Who would choose trash?

Every day you have that choice of what to take from the world. Take beauty. Take joy. Take love. Leave whatever doesn’t please you. There is enough glory to go around.

It must be that sometimes you get focused on what is not right with the world, and you forget everything else. You don’t see the forest for the trees. The trees may be the details to life that you find tiresome. Never mind inconveniences. Never mind even conveniences. What is a dishwasher next to bright summer rain? Get out of the house. Kiss the air that greets you outside. All the world is a park, beloveds. Didn’t you know that?

Let Us have not even one moment of grumbling. No grumbling out loud or even under your breath. How can you grumble when there is creation everywhere? Let the glory of life be your focus. Forget about price tags and a broken floor tile. Step up to the life you always wanted. I am telling you that you have it. It is all here. Claim it. Derail everything that you do not claim. Do not mutter about it.

Embrace creation. It is for you. Look up at the sun. Look up at the stars. You have had enough attention on where your feet have trodden. You have carried enough burdens up and down the stairs. Look up through the skylight. Look up and light up the world. Let your gaze light up the world.

Love life. You can. Why don’t you? How can you not be eager to get up in the morning? Throw off the covers. Leap out of bed. Greet the day as this great guest that it is. Have a wonderful day. Have a wondrous day. Make the day wondrous for all.

And, if today, clouds cover the sun, then you be the sun. You be the light of day. Be the daybreak. Be the sun coming up over the horizon. Be the bright sun. Light up the world. Let the world be seen in all its shining glory. What are you waiting for? Get up and greet the day as you have never greeted it before. Bless the world today, and you have blessed it.

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Chez said...

Good morning sunshine.
Thoughts of you always in my heart Deb

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