Sunday, August 14, 2011

Messages for all

The Celestial angels (also known as Divine Love angels) share the messages at this site to assist humans with their souls' progression and provide guidance for improving our lives here on earth. As you will see, the angels focus on the availability of God's Divine Love and the importance of incorporating It into one's path of growth. You will also find loving, helpful, and supportive messages from the angels on a variety of other topics, as well as links to other Divine Love sites.

Who are the Celestial Angels?
The Celestial Angels were once mortals like you and I and have since been transformed by the Divine Love of our Father through sincere and earnest prayer, with faith, to our Father for the bestowal of His Divine Love. As our Father sends His Love into our souls, by means of His Holy Spirit, our souls are transformed from being created in the image of God into the very Essence and Nature of God. The inflowing of the Divine Love into our souls is the "New Birth" as it is the only way to True Salvation and Immortality. Jesus, a son of God, is the highest Celestial Angel and True Master and Founder of the Celestial Heavens.

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