Monday, October 10, 2011

Another speaks of the power of Divine Love

Introduction to Magic & Spells: Magic is infinite possibility, pure potentiality in it’s purest form. Magic is the power of divine love -- the power of pure universal life force energy. The basic concept of magic and spell-casting is to "consciously create", to create consciously, willfully, and intentionally, using the universal power (divine love) that exists within and around us at all times. It could be said that, "casting a spell" is like that of an advanced prayer. This power is equally available to everyone. To help you, to heal you, to free you. This incredible power of divine love exists within your very own being. The only thing you must do in order to receive it's bountiful blessings is to open yourself to it, and to trust in yourself, because your direct and personal access link to this power is found within you. To begin experiencing this divine power in your life, simply look through the eyes of your soul. An open heart, an open mind, a pure intention, and trust in yourself, creates a solid foundation for you to connect with this beautiful energy and it's power... to connect with divine love- the essence, and powerful creative force of all life.

The brilliant light of Divine Love is filled with healing, peace, abundance, joy, freedom, power, and so much more! Divine Love is incredibly magnetic! The more aligned and in tune you are with Divine Love, the more easily you will attract to yourself that which you desire. Divine Love is who you are at the deepest and most holistic level. You are infinite possibility it's self... Magic and spell-casting are about blending conscious intention, with the pure potentiality of who you really are on a grander scale. "Magic" is the intentional utilization of the creative energy of divine love to assist us in "creating consciously," with full awareness.

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