Sunday, June 20, 2010

You can take it with you.

We’ve all heard it again and again. That when you leave this life you can’t take it with you. All the stuff one busies their earth time  accumulating stays behind. Not one dollar, boat or business continues forth.

With the understanding that we  are spiritual beings having a human experience we know that our physical-ness also stays. The body that has been our constant partner in this earth life experience stays behind. With all our magnificent life force depleted from it withers and dies it’s own death. So because we don’t take our physical body into this new spiritual dimension we are free of it. Free of all physical pain and limitations but that doesn’t  necessarily mean we leave all pain and limitations behind.

There is something we do take, all of our soul self. The exact same soul that inhabits your body the moment before your heart ceases to beat is the exact same soul that you continue eternity with. It is now my understanding that what has been spoken of as Heaven is a state of consciousness which each one of us spiritual beings has the ability to enjoy whether we have skin on or not. Heaven is the conscious experience of a higher evolution of one’s soul. Does that mean “Heaven on Earth”. No. This wonderful state of consciousness is not earth bound.

Considering the idea that Heaven can be reached before the moment of physical death and that we continue on as spiritual beings with the same soul condition as we enjoyed or didn’t enjoy during our earth years. It should be understood that whatever level of spiritual evolution we each individually attain while inhabiting our physical body that will be the same level of spiritual evolution continue on with.

Here’s another idea that might throw you a bit.  Our consciousness is not our brain. Even though our brain will die and our heart will stop we we still be conscious. Each of us will have the opportunity to verify this when our heart stops and our loved ones grieve our loss. It will not be our loss at that time. It will only be theirs. For we will feel complete, whole, deliciously conscious and limitless.

The limitlessness I speak of is freedom from any physical boundaries but that doesn’t necessarily mean an eternal existence without limitations. Have you hear of limiting beliefs? You get to take those that are yours with you. In fact all the mental baggage you own is yours to keep forever and ever.

So I’m finally getting to my point here which is to “clean house” before you move. I recently made a physical move from one home to another and in preparation I made a conscious effort to work on clearing out my accumulated junk.  It was an effort inspired by my desire to make my present house look as attractive as possible to potential buyers as well as to make sure that I wasn’t moving any crap. I remember stepping back and admiring my slimmed down and organized linen closet. Wow, I’d love to live in a place like this I thought. Then I hit me. I did and I could. I cleared out the crap that cluttered my home a whole year before I actually moved so I got to enjoy the “heaven” I created right then and there. When the time came for our move, I moved what I had then.

It also happens to be that I’ve been doing quite a bit of spiritual housekeeping, throwing out tons of limiting beliefs. In the process each day I see more and more of the “Light of Heaven” and thank God.

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