Thursday, September 16, 2010

What's Next?

"Our Vacation Villa" by Debra Clemente

I don't know what's next. I'm doing my best to be comfortable with that. How? By praying. By giving up my life to God. Doing my best to play by his rules. Living one moment at a time and breathing deeply. It feels so good to breathe in fresh air. Doing this makes me thankful. Thankful I'm breathing easy. Thankful for the breathe of life.

No one really knows what's next. They may think they do, but they don't. They can't, try as they may. When so much energy is given to thinking about what is next, one misses the opportunity to enjoy the breathe of life they are now experiencing. I believe that most fears arise out of not knowing what is next. Until one learns to let go and let God then one will be constantly battling for a sense of control and playing our possible scenarios of "what's next" in one's mind.

I recently read that the phrase "Worst-case scenario" outnumbers "Best-case" scenario" nearly four to one in modern usage. We have believed that by thinking through all the possible bad things that could happen and the imagining how we would deal with each possible bad situation we are helping ourselves. The ego does not like surprises and is comforted by feeling that it has mentally prepared for anything that could challenge it. I am am now seeing that we have had it all wrong.

It is said that "What one thinks about one brings about." So what would you rather spend your time doing. Thinking about or preparing for the worst or the best? Hmmm. You see, if you think the worst-case it will surely be your case. So just in case, I'm sticking to the best-case. And as one never knows, I'm giving it up to God as to what's next.

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