Sunday, April 17, 2011

I have such good help

I don't have to go "look it up" and read somewhere what to do in any moment of my life. Why? Because I have such amazing help already online. When I stay connected to source I get all the help I ask for. Oh yes, and I ask for help constantly and I ask knowing I will receive.

From whom? My helpers. My team. My family of spiritual beings with soul standings higher than my own. They lift me up. They guide me. Nameless they remain to me. What's in a name anyway? All I know is that it is all love. The purest and the highest. Within my reach. At hand. Ready to help. All they ask from me is a grateful heart.

It pleases them so to know that I want their help, to know that I believe. That I believe in better. That I can see and know Good which is God.

These helpers can not and do not make me do a thing, but they can pave the way. The way for me and my dreams. They remind me. They remind me of my goals. They remind me of my purpose. They prepare and present golden opportunities for me to act. To act in accord with the direction of my dreams.

Do I see them? No, not yet. Maybe someday I will. When I want to. I have never asked.

I have learned from reading the writings of others about spiritual guides that these guides have rules to follow when it comes to their interaction with mankind. They can not interfere in our lives or act against our will. These "special forces" love us and watch over us and want so much to be of assistance. We have been told "Ask and you shall receive." I believe this is part of that truth.

We only get what we ask for.
Ask for more.
Ask for better.
Ask for help.
And give thanks for all.

Blessings - Debra Clemente

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