Monday, November 22, 2010

Consider That You Are a Tour Guide

In Gratitude by Debra Clemente

Heavenletter #3651 Published on: November 23, 2010

God said:

A penny for your thoughts! A hundred dollars for your thoughts. A million dollars for your thoughts. Your thoughts are worth a great deal. Your thoughts are powerful, so powerful that they can build new cities, so powerful that they can topple tall buildings. Your thoughts are powerful.

What are you thinking about? And what do you want to think about?

I would say that you have had enough thoughts of doom. Good thoughts bring good living. Good thoughts are those that remind you of happiness.

Beloved Ones, you are living in a world! Think of it. You are living in a world! It is a great thing your living on Earth. You live in the Garden of Eden and know it not. You look at wilted flowers. You point them out. All the while, the sun shines, and new flowers grow.

Tend to My Garden for Me, will you? Will you take good care of this world I have given you from the fullness of My heart? I have given you something wonderful to take care of. Love the ground you walk on. Look how it supports you. Look how it grows food for you and flowers. Look at all that the world houses and all that the world has given to you out of its love for you. Know what you have received.

Make no mistake about it, I gave you a great gift when I gave you Earth. And you are a great gift I positioned on Earth. Remember that you are to bless the Earth. Bless every gift given to you. Raise the world’s flag high.

Be a proponent of the world. Do not belittle it. Do not worship it, yet give it credit for what it gives to you. Tip your hat to the world. Acknowledge its greatness. Thank the world for its blessings, and bless back.

The world is like a cafeteria. It offers great selections. Choose what you choose. You have chosen. Keep choosing. All the treats are there. All fresh. All yours for the choosing. Pass by what you do not favor. No reason to stay in one place deciding what you don’t like and why you don’t. Don’t make a campaign of it. Simply pass it by. Do not count the items you do not favor. Favor what you favor, and be done.

Point out the sights you like. There is no good reason to point out that which you don’t like. Consider that you are a tour guide. What are you going to show the people you guide? More people follow you than you know. Perhaps you have been considering yourself more than the people who follow in your steps.

Be considerate of the world and those who inhabit it with you. Look where you’re going. Look where your thoughts are taking you. You have infinite choices of thoughts. Thoughts are yours for the asking. And I am asking you to think of thoughts that seed the Earth with love. I am asking you to plant a new crop of thoughts. Be more than the farmer who plants the same old crop every year.

Be a pioneer. Be a Johnny Appleseed who has vision and the thoughts to make his visions come true. Thoughts are the wherewithal you need. All thoughts are at your disposal. None are out of your range.

Come into My store, and pick out the thoughts that serve you and the Universe well. Search the crevices of your heart, and you will find thoughts fit for a King, or a Queen. You will find thoughts you didn’t know you could have, and you can have them. They are yours.

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