Monday, November 1, 2010

Ignorance speaking

This video made me mad.
The makers of this video twist tales to breed fear and hatred.
I thought about ranting about it on the video site but instead chose to post it here.

Each one of us is first a spiritual being.
We are spiritual beings made in the image of God having a human "skin on" experience.
Sadly most of us are really unaware and out of touch with our true spiritual nature.
Dogma has managed to keep us all in line and out of touch with this touch stone.

When someone calls on spiritual help the spirits they attract are "like minded" to them.
If one is in a higher more realized spiritual state then they are assured to attract the energy of other spirits with higher vibrations whether the spiritual being has "skin on" or not. Hearing someone talk about Spirits may be spooky to another if they have not developed their innate spiritual abilities. There is so much more to life than we can see with our eyes. When one awakens to this realm, one's world expands in wondrous ways. Not scary at all. Actually it's very comforting. It's the unknown that's always the scariest in life.

Rest assured of this: Spirits are not the enemy. Not bad, evil or demonic.
That's just plain ignorance speaking.

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