Friday, October 29, 2010

Finders Seekers

Those with ears to hear, hear and those with eyes to see, see.

Forgive them, they know not what they do.

Seek and ye shall find.

Jesus was speaking directly to those heeding the true messages within his words. He realized that for the majority the true value of his statements would not register. Thus go in one ear and out the other. The information Jesus heralded as the "Good News" has never been meant to be secret knowledge it's just that it's value has gotten lost as error interpretations have been celebrated and taught by unknowing masses. One eventually finds whatever one is looking for. Look for peace, find peace. Look for God, find God. Find peace in God.

When one comes upon something of value, he may take no notice of it if he wasn't seeking it. Perhaps not even acknowledging it's existence. Yet one who comes upon the same thing (idea or object) and was in search of it, recognizes it's value thus treasuring what is found. The finder is delighted and shouts for joy in celebration and is anxious to share their joy with others. But unless the others were as well seeking for themselves what the finder has found they will not be able to recognize the value of the found as percieved by he seeker of such.

The joy in finding is mostly for the finder yet others will recognize the finders joy and though not percieving the value of the found will still benifit from the joy expressed and shared by the finder. The seeker/finder says "Look here, I found what I was seeking! I'm so happy! Don't you want this too? I want my happiness to be yours as well." He trys to tell in ways they can hear but their minds get in the way. They believe they know the way of the world and believe that such joy is not possible for them as yet. As it does not make sense to them they call it nonsense.

So as the seeker/finder observes the others continue to chase their tails and dig their own graves he refrains from judgement reminding himself, "they know not what they do." He who has found hopes that his continued and growing joy glows so brightly that others may take notice and ask how they as well can have such joy for themselves. Then as true seekers they will find.

Live the Good Life! Live the God Life!

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