Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I asked and recieved

In an August, 2010 Journal entry I wrote as I prayed.

Please help me to keep a lifted spirit Oh Lord.
I trust in your goodness and grace
to guide me through my days.
Creating many opportunities to live the best life
I can to your Glory.

Help me see I plead.
Hold me close.
Never let me go.

The world is so loud.
This world is so confusing and messed up.
Help me quiet my mind so I can hear
your small still voice
speak to me.
I am listening.

Within a moments I heard the voice softly speak.


And then I was given the story of Jesus on the sea with his disciples. Which I felt drawn to instantly write in my own words in my journal.

Jesus and his disciples were on a boat at sea. They all had been asleep resting comfortably as they were at total ease on a calm sea. A storm awoke the disciples and panic struck them as their boat felt threatened by the turbulent waters, high winds and pounding rain. They were afraid for their lives and totally out of control of their once calm emotions. All had been well in their eyes and mind only a few minutes before.

Jesus was fast asleep and resting calmly which totally shocked them. They shook Jesus to alarm him of the danger they felt, as they thought it only appropriate that he as well should participate in their nightmare. When Jesus awoke and realized what was happening he was angry and perturbed. In exasperation he stood and demanded THAT ALL BE STILL!
Immediately the water calmed and the wind died. The men as well calmed as the storm dissolved before their eyes. They were in total awe. Awe at the power Jesus had just displayed. Among themselves they ask "Who is this man whom the sea and sky obey?"
Jesus is still exasperated with the whole situation and admonishes the group. "Why are you afraid you men of little faith? Where is your faith? You still don't get it do you? After all this time with me FEAR got the best of you. Don't you remember my words? BE NOT AFRAID." His command to "BE STILL!" was directed as much to the fears of the men as to the raging waters. As their fear had risen so had the storm.

Many people understand the value of such scriptural passages to displays of the power of Jesus the man. A power unique to him, given by God and that when he scolded the disciples he was admonishing them for no comprehending his authority and power. I believe that is a huge error message and invite others to ponder the idea that Jesus was trying to communicate with us the power of faith. Faith is having an unwavering steadfast belief. FEAR AND FAITH are incompatible.

Jesus was the first to display this POWER OF FAITH. Man has interpreted this as believing that Jesus was  the only one with such power. Jesus never said that he was the only one to do such works in fact he told us we could too. Jesus told us that through FAITH (the power of our beliefs) we would do greater works than him. It is up to each of us to understand and fully comprehend the power we have at hand.

If one has an unwavering belief that something will come true the power lies in the unwavering thought or belief. The power is in knowing with no doubt taking root in one's mind. This is where the power lies. In faith, in knowing. This power of faith is a gift of God to each of us. It is precisely the power of faith that makes all materialize. It matters not what the faith is in or power attributed to in one's mind but the sole belief/faith that something will happen.

It's hard to understand at first. First you have to experience it. Jesus knew this so instead of getting all technical with us he acknowledged that BELIEF WAS THE POWER.

When Jesus taught us to pray he didn't tell us to pray as "Jesus' Father who art in Heaven". No instead he chose the wording "Our Father". This is because Jesus knew that God was the creator of us all and endowed us all with the same gifts. It is up to us to understand our power and use it wisely.

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