Monday, October 4, 2010

Keep it to yourself.

Don't talk about your dreams and desires to others. No one else can see the unique vision that you so sharply hold in mind and thus knowingly or unknowingly they will throw seeds of doubt about. If you then consider and ponder the opposing ideas, seeds of doubt will be planted in the most fertile soil of your mind. Each time you consider these "weed seed" ideas you water them and allow them to sprout. If left to flourish, weed seed will suck the life out of the seeds of your most positive and wonderful dreams.

Perhaps this is why we have been told to keep our wishes a secret: Tell know one the wish you make as you blow out the candles of your birthday cake or toss a coin into a well or fountain. Your secret can only be safe with you. Keeping your wishes secret allows them to flourish in the sacred garden of your mind.

Your wishes and dreams for yourself are yours. Keep them safe and hold them dear. They are so very valuable to you and as you shower the soil of your mind with sunny thoughts of all that is good ,you are feeding your most wonderful secret dreams and empowering them to shoot up out of the rich soil of your mind and flower gloriously for all to behold.

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Chez said...

Deb, these are beautiful thoughts on which I can reflect on this date which would have been my beloved Dad's birthday.
You are a treasure..

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