Friday, October 8, 2010

This sounds like my kind of fun!

Improv Everywhere...
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What's this all about?

Well, a group of Actors/Improvists known as agents go out on what they call missions. Improv Everywhere's missions might be defined by some as obscure events designed to make people laugh. 'Improv Everywhere' are believers in what they call "organized fun." They take funny ideas and bring them to life. For example, Improv Everywhere once had over one hundred agents dressed in blue shirts and khaki pants walk into a 'Best Buy' and simply stand around like employees. One mission saw Improv Everywhere bring several hundred people to Grand Central Station and simultaneously freeze for five minutes, then continue on as if nothing has happened. Improv Everywhere have been known to greet strangers at the airport with a hero's welcome, stop a suicide jumper (from a 2 foot ledge) and bring a dozen old-style desktop computers into a Starbucks (with free WiFi, of course).

They are... Improv Everywhere. I have just begun to check out their site.

Free Snowcones from ImprovEverywhere on Vimeo.

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