Monday, October 18, 2010

Are you out of tune?

We each need to take time
to tune up and tune in each day
to our Highest Frequency's.

The Love Network
 The Wisdom Channel
& Abundance Broadcasting.

We have to unplug from the TV, Internet, cell phone, and I-pod to hear our calling.
What calling? The messages you have waiting. The calls you have either missed or ignored are still there. Where? Your personal call waiting system. From whom? That small still voice within.
Yep. You really should take time to listen. Try heeding the messages. Start small and learn to trust. The voice is one of wisdom. Wisdom beyond your immediate knowing. Wisdom from a much higher perspective that ours with feet planted on earth.

I know what I am taking about because I listen. I listen, heed and learn. The time I  spend in quiet, stilling the chatter of my mind strenghtens this higher frequency. Imagine how it is when you are attempting to tune into a radio channel in your car. You might hear a really good music station very softly but it is garbled and overpowered by mixed signals from another station. The more you can quiet the noisy physical world the better chance you have of hearing the softly spoken spiritual quidance.

Life works better for me when I am tuned in to the higher channels.


Chez said...

Beautifully said Deb. And. So true! Why then do I find myself guilty of letting the day go by without 'tuning' in. Going inward is where I find myself.
Love and gratitude xo

Chez said...

Deb, dropping by to say that you are in my thoughts. Have been looking out for a new post and, as there has not been one thought I would let you know I am sending love and light.

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