Monday, October 4, 2010



"Sienna Doorway" by Debra Clemente
Just knock. That's how easy it is for each one of us to access the infinite power and wisdom of God. The key here is that we each as individuals have to knock. God is already there waiting. We humans have had a "door" installed at birth. This door separates our "self" from the "Almighty" our source. The One source of all.

This gives each of us a "sense of self". The place where we are allowed to call the shots, and thus develop our individuality. That's why our brains are so much bigger than all the other of God's creatures.We use our brain power - our thoughts - to create. We create our lives as we choose. We can do this because we have been given the power of free choice. It's up to each of us to decide whether or not to knock and to ask for help on our journey.

All other of God's creatures except man operate naturally on instinct. I see instinct as similar to intuition in Man. Well, actually it's exactly the same, just perceived differently. As humans with big brains we recognize thought that comes to mind. Then we judge it. We weight it in our minds. When an idea comes to mind we call on reason to decide if it is something we should act upon. We always have to reason to accept a new idea. As our thinking is limited to what we know from our experience, we only see validity in the ideas that are reasonable.

The concepts that come intuitively to us are often unreasonable in our minds yet we still attempt to reason them to validate them to ourselves. The reason that we may not be able to reason the ideas that just "come to us" is that the greater reason for the idea is not currently apparent to us in the state of our limited consciousness. Yet consciousness itself is LIFE, is GOD, and KNOWS ALL. Thus there is always a reason, a very good reason for an inspired thought. These thoughts of inspiration come from our higher self, pure consciousness.

Now all other forms of life don't need a reason to act on their instincts. As they have not the ability to reason they never view these instinctive ideas as separate from themselves. There is not or at least very little thought involved. The idea goes directly into action. Animals don't get the door. They don't have free choice. They don't have a sense of self. That's why a polar bear doesn't decide one day to pack it all up and move south to a warmer beach. He doesn't have a choice. He doesn't even know that he doesn't have a chance to choose. He doesn't need to either as his world works perfectly for him as he intuitively acts through the continuously open channel of his mind to the mind of God.

Mankind has been given a choice an option. We can attempt to do it all ourselves our way or we can knock and ask for help. For the intuitive guidance of God. The quiet voice within.

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