Monday, November 15, 2010

A Meditation

by Dr. Joseph Murphy

Let's close our eyes and dwell upon these simple truths - Be still and know that I am God. Still the wheels of your mind and know that God is God, in All, over All, through All, and All in All. Stillness is not just being quiet, being the causes within itself by which the Life is rendered discordant have been brought into a state of Peace now. Into a state of quietude because you are thinking of the Infinite which is stretched in smiling repose. Then God's river of Peace flows through you. For there is a river, the streams whereof make glad the City of my God. And the City of God is your own mind and the people who are dwelling there are God's thoughts this morning. There God's thoughts and God's power are with your thoughts of good. So, knowing God indwells you, causes you to live in a world that is ever peaceful. Everyday of our lives we should meditate on the beauty and the glory and the profundity of the Eternal One. Meditating on the Peace and the Harmony and the Joy of the One who Forever Is, we resurrect these qualities and attributes in our Soul. And we begin to taste the Lord and find him Good. By moving inward this morning we find the Real and as we begin to meditate on I AM or OM as in India and dwelling upon the boundless Love and the Infinite Intelligence which is the meaning of I AM - pure Being, Life awareness, the Ever Living One within you, Thee, who inhabited Eternity, whose name is Perfect. Then, this thing called the body seems to be full of simply waves of Light - And the earth in which you are seated simply becomes a series of vibrations, a dancing light and the external world becomes a dream and your internal Life awakens. And you move further and further inward, finally you merge, you touch the One who Forever Is, and you begin to experience that moment that lasts forever. Suddenly, the meditating self perceives that the whole world by going inward, you have found the Universe. As all the mystics of all time realize that the whole world is within you, as you touch it. And you realize that planets are thoughts, sun and moon are thoughts and your own consciousness is the realization which sustains them all and that temporarily in space are moving the dreams of the dreamer. And the sun, the moon, the stars are the thoughts of the thinker - he is meditating on the mysteries of himself. It is the One alone who lives in the hearts of all men appearing as the many. The mystic through meditation finds the Peace, the Strength, and the Power for further steps. The practice of meditation bestows Beauty, Love, and Grace, and Dignity, and every Attribute, every Impulse and every Act. Of all existence, I AM the Source. I AM the decay, I AM the germ, I AM the growth, all things and creatures I support, I support them while they yet stand without, and when the dream of separation ends, I cause their return unto myself. I AM the Life, I AM the wheel of the Law, I Am the Way that leadeth beyond and there is none else. And I AM the Lord that healeth thee. I am thy God. I will come and heal Thee, who healeth all thy diseases, who satisfies thy mouth with goodness. who restoreth thy youth like the eagle. I Am the Lord thy God who brought thee out of the land of Egypt. Thou shalt have no other God's before me. I am the Lord that is my name. My glory you shall not give to another, neither shall you give my praise. God in the midst of us now is guiding us. And just do a very simple thing and realize God's healing Love is flowing through you now saturating your whole being. And God's Love dissolves everything unlike itself. It has neither height nor depth, neither length nor breadth, neither comes nor goes. It fills all space and ancients called it Love and he that dwells in Love, dwells in God and God in him. So, God's Love is saturating your whole Soul. He restoreth my Soul.

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Deb do you mind if I record this for my own use? A lovely meditation.
Love Chez xo

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