Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Be not afraid

We are commanded NOT TO FEAR, instead we are TO HAVE FAITH. So what does that really mean? How on earth can one live it?

It’s easy to tell someone to have no fear but until one has received the spiritual blessing God offers to all it really is an impossibility. With God all things are possible. This used to be just words to me but no longer. I now know and live in this wondrous God reality.

So how can one begin to gain faith and lose fear? By asking for God’s love to fill your heart and soul. Do this again and again in earnest. Each time you ask, you will receive. Bit by bit more and more of God’s Divine love will download into your heart/soul. Once you taste of this delicious love you will yearn for more. God planned it that way.

As you grow in this purest and highest love you will find yourself morphing into a new being and find yourself making the “right choices” with the greatest of ease. No longer will the commandments seem like unobtainable laws for a long gone biblical generation. They will be the only way you can be and you will desire no other. It won’t even be an effort. You will surprise then delight yourself.

When one rises to this level of being true wisdom replaces and exceeds any worldly physical knowledge. With that wisdom comes peace of mind.  A spirit filled with the Peace and Love of God has no room or need for fear. 

I’m speaking from experience here. These few words offered only point to edge of what is possible. Just keep in mind that my mind has changed as my heart has changed. If you know me and have known me you will see and feel this. My light shines.

                                                          - Debra Clemente

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