Monday, July 5, 2010

I believe

In the name of religion a multitude of sins have been committed. These acts where not of God. For God is All Good.

Selfish acts are of man. Selfless acts are Acts of God.

God is Divine Love, the highest power one can know.

Only For A Moment - oil painting by Debra Clemente

Man needs no mediator between himself and Divine Love which is God. God is always online, it is up to Man to connect with God.

God gave Man free will. Free will to choose his path. God does not “force his hand” but holds it readily open for each of us to accept and grasp.

God wants for his own to come home and ask for his Divine Love to fill their hearts and souls so full that there is room for no other. God will provide daily blessings to those that humble themselves and come to God with pleading hearts asking to be filled with Divine Love.

Debra Clemente

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