Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It’s a matter of Intention


It was my intention to call Suzette, as I had a message to call her back, but Suzette didn’t answer my call. Whoever answered didn’t know Suzette or even a Suzette. I had the wrong number. Maybe I wrote it down wrong. Maybe I punched an incorrect digit. One little number off and no connection, no communication, zilch. That’s way man’s technology works. From phone numbers to web addresses you have to have it exactly right or you won’t make the connection intended.

Here’s the good news: God understands our intentions even when we are not perfect communicators.

Case in point: This Blog. When I was looking for a blog domain name I found that DEVINE IDEAS was available. Yea, perfect that’s it. So up until 2 days ago that has been the name and spelling of any reference to DIVINE on this site. So have you caught it now? I had been misspelling DIVINE the whole time. I have passed this link on to friends a few times wanting to share my writings but never had a heads up that I screwed up. But that is really not the point here. What is the point is that God didn’t care either. DIVINE LOVE is the theme here and I am continually asking God for more DIVINE LOVE to fill my life. God wasn’t the least bit deterred by my spelling error, whether it was in this blog or in my head. My life confirms this for I have been deeply blessed in amazing ways since I have begun to pray for DEVINE LOVE / DIVINE LOVE in earnest.

Knowing this truth opened another truth unto to me. God is so pleased for every effort we make to commune with him that he will respond to anything as long as the intention is one of purity and longing for understanding. God,  Father, Divine Feminine, Maker, Divine Source, Divine Love, The Great I AM, Lord, Christ, Jesus, Jehovah, Creator of the Universe, Almighty, Source of All, Allah, Teacher, Truth, Christ Consciousness, Wisdom, Word, True Light, Master - No matter the name or our individual understanding we can all connect to the same most wonderful source of all good.

- Debra Clemente

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