Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's a process

A Butterfly's Complete Metamorphosis

Change & Wonder: A Butterfly Complete Metamorphosis from David Britton on Vimeo.

And now a fast forward version for your viewing pleasure.

Butterfly Effect: The Symbol of the Butterfly

By Linda-Ann Stewart Ct.H., Ct.H.A

When we talk about transformation, the image that comes to mind for most of us is the butterfly. A beautiful, filmy creature that glides about the sky, bringing joy to our hearts. But we tend to forget what the butterfly has gone through, how it has struggled to reach its place on the breeze and how it was effected.

Our path of transformation can be likened to that of the butterfly's. Generally, when we embrace transformation, we only want to think of the end result. We don't want to think about the work that goes into it, or the sacrifices we'll have to make to be able to soar. I know that when I went through a transformation some years ago, I thought "Wonderful. Things will be better." They were, but in the process there were attitudes and behaviors I had to surrender that were central to my life.

Transformation begins with the Universe pressing us forward into desiring something better for ourselves. We may not know what it is that we want, just that we have this impulsion for something more. Originally, the butterfly was once a caterpillar, inching across the grass to climb up the marigold to reach its daily meal. Its main drive was to eat, to fill its stomach.

The same could be said of us. Before we begin to transform, we have a compulsion to meander around; reading books, listening to tapes, attending lectures, digesting information. We're still in the old form, fattening our minds up to get ready to build a cocoon, where we'll use all that we've digested to transform our lives into a greater reflection of the Universal good.

Once our appetite has been appeased, we'll feel compelled to allow what we've learned to gestate. Letting it process is like the caterpillar inside its cocoon. This is the time to incubate. It may last for a few days or a few months. While it is happening, we're changing. We may not see the change, but there are parts of us that are being released, transformed and altered. At this point, our lives will sometimes become very uncomfortable for us. During my transformation, I had an intimate relationship that got progressively difficult.

When its transformation is complete, the butterfly emerges from its cocoon. Fighting its way out of the old form, through a tough silk shell, moving on, into a new world. Just as we must struggle to move through our barriers and outmoded attitudes. Behaviors that served us when we were caterpillars are no longer helpful. We can't live the way we used to. We're transcending the old patterns. But since they were familiar, and successful in our old form, we resist discarding them.

Eventually, the effect of the butterfly's journey allows it to climb free and rest. Spreading its wings for the first time, energy flows through them and they expand, finally ready to carry the butterfly on the breeze. Soon we feel confident with our new self, and like the butterfly, we fly free, a living jewel fluttering about the skies in the great expanse.

And finally the dress I will wear when I complete my transformation!

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