Thursday, January 6, 2011

my favorite things Julia says

Julia is my great niece who will be three in March.

Julia: "I just need to eat all of my food so that I can have Zert."
Ryan: "What kind of dessert do you want?"
Julia: "Vanilla."
Ryan: "Vanilla what?"
Julia: "Vanilla PLEASE".
Ryan was expecting Julia to say vanilla ice cream, which she helped pick out at the grocery store.

Julia, in addition to being short tempered, is going through a "Pink and Purple" phase. Everything has to be pink or purple, ideally both. If you ask her what she dreamed about, she'll say, "I dreamed about pink and purple." If you ask her what she wants to eat, she'll say, "Ahh... pink and purple?"

Julia, at dinner: "When I grow big and tall, I have wine."
At breakfast, Julia said, "Mommy, can you say cheers?" She then clinked her sippy cup against Jen's water glass. Jen was pretty surprised and asked Julia how she knew to do this. Julia said, "At Libby and Sara's party, we say 'CHEERS!'" Ryan later told Jen that he had taught Julia how to say Cheers.
Julia: "Daddy, do you like tights?" Ryan: "Yes, but I don't get to wear them that often."

This morning Julia said, "I'm going to marry kleine Maus and Jason will marry my cousin." We've been hearing a lot about marriage lately.

We've been hearing the word "stinky" too much today and it's growing a bit old. Please bring back the "It's gonna be my birthday!" Another new addition to Julia's speech is the word "maybe." If you ask her if she can do something, she will sometimes answer "maybe" in response.

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