Sunday, January 2, 2011

Desire higher.

HEAVEN #3689 Great Intentions, December 31, 2010
We can have anything We want. The fact is, the world appears according to the thoughts in the world. Understand the mettle of your thoughts, and desire more, and desire higher.

Unless the world is the way you want it, you haven’t desired enough. Desire more. Set the intention of the world. Point the rudder. The world can only be what you say it can. Say that the world is beautiful, God-serving, generous, kind, loving, and that’s what the world will be. The world is what you say. The world will be as you say. You are the limit-setter, or you are the one who raises the bar.

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Chez said...

Deb I will have to do better in 2011. Thanks for this affirmation which serves as a reminder.
In my thoughts Chez xo

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