Monday, January 3, 2011

Let's be nice


– noun A person who is opposed to, struggles against, or competes with another; opponent; adversary.

Today I caught myself. I really do work at the judgemental thing but often find myself offering unsought advice in what I deem a creative way of correcting. Correcting what? Correcting whatever I have judged as wrong. Immediately after such clever verbage spouted from my mouth today I was reprimanded by the small still voice. 

"Don't be the antagonist."

"Huh, what? Who me antagonist?" The image that popped into my head was of an ugly villain character being booed of the stage of a melodrama. "Me as the bad guy? Huh." The words gave me pause to think.

Life is not supposed to be a battle. After all we are all really on the same team though few see it that way. For sure most would agree that people living in the same household and particularly ones that have taken a vow of forever togetherness should understand they are to act as a team. I wasn't being a team player though. I was looking for and finding fault when I should have either kept quite or found something to praise.

"If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all." my Mother often told me. Words for the wise. God give me this wisdom please. 

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