Saturday, January 1, 2011

Start now

The Supreme power of God is called ‘Divine love.’ A spark of that love lies dormant in the depths of every human heart. Through a practical process of meditation, chanting, and remembrance, the power of divine love is enlivened and in this way, the Blissfulness of the Divine name dawns in the mind and remains in the mind all the time. This is divine love consciousness.

Dedicate yourself to loving, Gracious God, He will take care of you, and in the end He will come to you in His Divine personified form. Just start something: cry for Him, cry for His Grace, for His Love alone. That will purify your heart and put positive imprints on your mind and move you towards the path of dedication. In this way a devotee or any person who determines to find God understands that this life is a golden chance to find the love of God. It can start any time he desires to. Your time is passing. Every moment...what is gone is gone. It will never come back. Start now.

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