Thursday, December 30, 2010

Composers- Poets - Painters - Sages - Saints - Inventors - Philosophers

I understand why certain people of the past and are celebrated in our history for their deeds and words, were known for carrying and constantly writing in their small personal journals. These men and women were drawn to record and take note of the incessant stream of inspiration that flowed to and through them.

I have the same responsibility, as Divine Wisdom flows to me. It trickles in actually. The more I record and express it by my words and my art the more I am given. I believe that as I have shown willingness to listen, heed, share and record, I have been entrusted with more and more to give, as more is given to me.

I find that I cannot be with out a journal. Such as the noise of this inspiration demands to be acknowledged as such. Much the same as I have been drawn to express through my paintings. When I have expressed an idea, I am allowed to move on and move up the ladder. Is it Jacob’s ladder? I think of the song. “We are climbing Jacob’s ladder... Every round goes higher, higher… soldiers of the cross”.

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