Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Thoughts

The true movers and shakers of this world have all had to have a deeper connection with the POWER – THE ONE which is in all and thus available to all. Amazing feats of science, art, music and other innovations never came from anyone’s little mind. They originate in DIVINE MIND, whether the individual is aware of this fact or not.

When an individual opens oneself to SOURCE as a free flowing conduit, the amazing is possible. But when one begins to understand the source of the POWER and the laws that guide and direct it, a miraculous life is lived.

Living somewhere between the two, between the ecstasy of creative expression and the agony of real life is the cycle that has caused many a creative genius to insanity! There seems to be no midpoint here. A creative genius either plays the part of martyr or saint, depending on his own self-realization, as a result of soul searching.

As an artist, a creative genius, I can tell the world that one of my kind has plenty of time to soul search, to contemplate. We live in our own little worlds of our imaginations. Trying our best to keep up with the flow of new ideas. Lot’s of time in solitude is necessary to create. We ponder and pause. Stepping back from the rush of the world.

I know for myself that for many years the only time I felt “whole” was when I was painting. I now understand that being “in the flow” was the reason, the reason for my joy, the reason for my feelings of health and peace.

At one time I told my father that all I really wanted to do was paint. Painting was my drug, my escape. I still have my painting but now I have more, so much more. I have a full life of joy. The same flow that I once only knew while standing at my easel now directs my entire life. The more I understand it, the more I am comfortable to release my grip on life and instead go with the flow.

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