Thursday, December 30, 2010

I can see it but I don’t have to be it.

Some say I’m in denial. Some say I need to realize. Realize the awful condition of the world. Realize how bad things are. Some say this to me in response to my general positive disposition and outlook on life. What I realize is that I have the power to create my reality. I have the power to change what it is to what I desire it to be. I do this by focusing my desires and planting seeds of joyful thoughts in the cosmos.

My reality is very real. I pretend, as I intend, what I do tend. I live in a wonderful place, a joyful soul. As a joyful soul I can be physically anywhere and be content. I’ve been living this way for sometime now and can tell you truly it’s not all talk. Something happens, a real shift, spiritual, mental and physical, gradual but continual, accelerating and exhilarating.

I realize the power of my words. I realize the power of what I give attention too. I realize that whatever I focus on becomes my reality. So I look for and celebrate the good. I deny power to any other thoughts.

Yes, I live in denial. It’s a wonderful place. Come visit sometime. I bet you’ll want to stay.

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