Thursday, December 9, 2010

Drop it like a hot potato!

Something in the news tonight riled me up! I was all set to leave a comment on the story where I saw it online. I was going to say that news like that didn't need to be reported. Because that is exactly what the people written about wanted. Publicity. Making something bigger out of something not good in the beginning. Adding energy a negative in our world. Then I was pulled back and almost gasp. I was about to do the same. My rant would have fueled the fire. A fire that has raged too long. My comments would only stoke the fire.

So instead I choose to read a HeavenLetter. Below is the beginning of the letter I read.

God said:

You like what you like, and you don’t like what you don’t like. That is fair enough. What you like, however, matters. What you don’t like, let it go. Carry on. Let go of the bygones. Don’t carry them. Do not put your nose up in the air about what you don’t like. In terms of life, what you don’t like isn’t important. What you don’t like is only what you don’t like. Don’t complain. Move over to what you do like.

To keep reading this letter click this link


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