Thursday, December 30, 2010

A few things I've learned this year

I don't need everything I have.
I have everything I need.

Whatever I do I need to do it with an attitude of loving grace.The best attitude to have as I approach anything and everything I do is is enthusiastic joy but even if I may not be overjoyed (can one really be overjoyed?) about a task I can approach it with a smile and often end up find joy in the experience. Then there are those things that appear as drudgery those not so fun things that we all have to get done. An attitude of acceptance is all that is required here. Most likely as the task nears completion my attitude will again be joyful as I can cross that once dreaded item of my list. Now here is the biggest lesson of all for me, if I can't find a way to be at minimal accepting of a situation I won't do it not at all. At least not then.

Doing "good" while thinking "bad" is not good for anyone. Instead I'll work my attitude about it. Seeking to find some acceptance of the situation and so I will be able to neutrally deal with it. If I can't do that I'll either skip it and forget it or hire it out or hand it on. I now understand that attitude is really everything and if I approach anything with any bit negativity, I am doing more harm than good. I have found that putting myself and keeping myself in the right frame of mind is  important work in its self.

It takes two to tango and two to tangle.
It really does. Just because someone throws something at me doesn't mean I have to catch it and throw it right back. I've learned it's more fun and quite satisfying to have the self control to let things bounce off of me and with a thud hit the ground. Such a non reaction reaction is often unsettling to the other who began "the game". It's like playing fetch once with a dog. If the dog fails to bring the ball back then the game is over.

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Chez said...

Well thought out Deb. Thank you so much. May you continue to allow your light to shine brightly in 2011

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