Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I've been entrusted

My big sister Donna loving me, little Debbie.

God has entrusted me with this body. I am to love and care for it. I am to believe in it. I am to be it's advocate, it's cheerleader and it's caregiver. It is mine for now.

We as human beings often treat our pets and possessions better than we treat our own bodies. We will be sure to regularly change the oil in our cars and fill it's tank with premium fuel, and yet deny our own personal transportation package the same care and attention.

I'm changing my outlook on this bit by bit. I am loving my body. Loving my body as I love a child. Children, body and soul are easy to recognise as gifts of God. As parents we innately understand that we are responsible for their care. We treat them gently, lovingly and pridefully. It's God's plan that each generation cares for it's young. Bestowing on them so much love and tender care and thus self worth that each child of God will then continue this care of themselves into adulthood.

There is still very much a child inside each one of us that needs to feel this love and attention. This child lives inside a body that still needs all the TLC, tender loving care, it can get. Now it's my responsibility to care for the body and spirit of this wonderful child of God whom I am.

When I think of my body and spirit as being under my care and as a child, I think differently about them. I am more patient with myself and I love myself, body and soul.

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Chez said...

So true Deb and something I would like to instil into my children and grandchildren also.
May 2011 see you, with the Grace of God, give tender loving care to your body, mind and spirit.
Thank you for the gift of your friendship

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