Thursday, December 30, 2010

A note of thanks

My kitty Harry is so loving. He just gives and gives to me. No judgment. Just pure love. Yes, I do believe what our pets give to us is love. Love in its purest form. Selfless love, from their pure spirit.

Animals don’t have egos. Thank God. I really mean that. Thank you Glorious Creator for not giving the animals of this world a sense of self. Thank you for not installing the door as you did in humans. I’m talking about the door we as humans have to knock on to access our God qualities, the door we can only fully open when we put aside our self and become selfless.

Thank you for creating all of your other creatures as selfless beings. Their selfless love shows us “thinkers” that we don’t have to be “stinkers” and that there is a better more fulfilling way to live and give.

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