Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Only for a moment.
The gift of will power is given only to humans. Dog's don't have it. Think about it. Do you think a dog who resists snapping up a table scrap does such by any element of self control? No way! It's all a matter of conditioning and training.

Will power goes so very far beyond the common concept of self control. Not long ago I only understood the term to mean the ability to control one's own desires. The power to resist temptations of sensual pleasure. That concept of will power only goes so far and often seems quite unlike a power source but a constant battle. One battle of the will after another. Even within one's own being.

I am now coming to the understanding that each of our own wills is our source of power. A very real source of power that works as simply this statement. Whatever one wills one creates. That power is given to each of us by our creator. It's a power of choice.

We each have the power to choose our own way or God's way. It never has been a matter of a select few being God's chosen people. God has already chosen each of us by the mere fact of our creation and he created each of us with the power of choice. The power to recongnise choices and choose.

God does not force his will upon us. He is always here waiting to be found, acknowledged and chosen. It feels very special to be chosen doesn't it? It is. God wants to be chosen as well. God wants his love to be our source of power. He wants to pour his Divine Love into our very being. So that each of his children are filled with his power and have a radiant joy for life. Overflowing with his love. Spilling Divine Love out of them wherever they go and upon whomever they meet.

This Divine Love is God's gift available to each repentant heart, each selfless soul who thirsts for closeness to the father, who falls onto his knees surrendering his own will to God asking for God and his Divine Love to come into his heart-soul-spirit and fill his very being.

God is always here, always connected to each of us. It's like a direct phone line where God is the operator always on call. He's always online waiting to assist. Live Chat. It's up to each of us to pick up the phone, answer the call, ask for direction. We have to say that we want to be connected. We have to ask for help. We have to admit we can't do it alone. Then we need to shut up. Be quiet. Be still and listen. Listen to the quiet still voice within.We have to shut out the world and open to the universe. The abundant universe of possibility.We have to accept God's guidance and act only when inspired. Inspired action is following God's will given from within. It's a knowing, an urge. Impromptu action that just feels right. Without thought, you feel your way. Feel the good. Feel God. Feel God's will become your will.

When one's will is according to God's will good is created for all. When one truly surrenders his own will to God and asks that God work through him, "Thy will be done", life flows wonderfully. Gone is the constant inner battle of controlling one's own will.

The right path is shown. Daily bread is given. Green pastures appear. Trespasses are not counted. No evil is feared. God's name is hallowed. Love flows freely. Temptation ceases to exist. Thy kingdom comes. Thy will is done.

I pray again today that Thy will be done through me on earth as it is in heaven. So be it.

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